How do I select a sensible spread?

The spread is given as a positive figure, although it indicates a reduction in price. It indicates in percentage terms by how much a piece is offered at a discount. For rare pieces, the spread can and may also be negative. This means that you can raise your desired selling price above the price shown on the net, if the piece can still be sold at that price. A negative spread only makes sense for very rare pieces. 


How does the payment transaction work? 

Once the deal has been concluded between the buyer and the seller, a contract is set up between the parties, which can be downloaded from the Marketplace site or filled out online. Once the contract is concluded, and once the goods are with a chossen trustee for safekeeping in escrow, the sale price is due for payment. After confirmation by the seller, the goods are sent on their insured journey to the new owner. A sale may also be conducted without a trustee if the parties so agree.

Who insures my goods? 

The Marketplace operator does not insure the goods. Any insurance of the transport of the osmium will be arranged between the seller and the buyer, for example in the event that the goods are not handed over in person.


How do I get goods with the same sparkle grade? 

In the process of matching supply and demand, the Marketplace staff are careful to put together goods that also match in choice of piece sizes and sparkles, should this be desired. 


Can I see the goods before I buy them? 

Images and scans of goods for sale are available in the worldwide Osmium database. In order to gain access to this data, a code is provided by the Osmi-Safe GmbH team after allocation between buyer and seller before the purchase is concluded. The code is called the Osmium Identification Code, or OIC for short.


Is there a fee for the operation of the Marketplace? 

If a match is found between sellers and buyers, the Marketplace charges a fee. If the agreed price is less than € 1,000, the fee is 4%. For 1.000.€ or more the fee is 1,35%. It is used for the maintenance and use of the underlying database. 


Sale to dealers or private individuals? 

Whether to traders or private individuals can be sold is decided by the spread. Private individuals have usually bought including VAT. Therefore, they also want to sell close to the gross price. In the case of a purchase by a trader or a company, there is again a VAT that has to be paid when the trader or company resells. It should be noted that an interested buyer can make an enquiry with the osmium institutes every day about defined purchase prices via www.osmium-preis.com. The spread in this case should also be lucrative for a trader. 



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